Tuesday, 22 September 2015

To Tofino, Almost

We are staying at my Mom and Ray's place in Vancouver. It is a pleasant place, with Mom and Ray watching TV and Katherine sitting next to me at the table. The bathroom here is a real challenge for me; I am unable to make the transfer to and from the toilet without assistance, and the bed is a bit of a challenge too, tightly fitted as it is into a small bedroom.

The reward Katherine and I enjoy by staying here is the time to visit, not just with Mom and Ray, but with other family and friends too. Yesterday we spent the afternoon with Meaghan, Lewis, Charlotte and Orson. Our adventure took us to the Aberdeen Centre in Richmond, with its Daiso Store, a veritable treasure trove of all things Oriental. Katherine and Charlotte had a field day, finding excitement after excitement on almost every shelf, in almost every department. We managed to get away with just slightly less than a truck load of stuff; Charlotte did very well.

For dinner, Mom opted for KFC at home, a real treat for her. Chris and Dianne drove over from Maple Ridge and, surprisingly unexpectedly, Meaghan and family decided to stay for an extended visit. Charlotte charmed us all with her antics. Chris and Dianne told us of their adventures in the US while on vacation. Orson, not yet six months old, posed quietly for pictures and tolerated the hand off from person to person. Of all the pictures taken by Charlotte, my Mom and others, the best from my perspective was the photo with Mom, me, Meaghan, Charlotte and Orson; all four generations in the picture.

An evening of rest followed. I needed to catch up on sleep after my marathon drive the day before. As Katherine noted, I was likely only able to do this because I was well rested before we left. It was only the first day of the trip. Today we will head out again. Once again I am well rested. Only this time it will be a short drive to the ferry followed by a three hour drive to Uclulet, near Tofino. We are on the road adventuring once again.

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  1. Daiso is one of my favourite stores! I love their bento lunch box collections <3