Tuesday, 1 September 2015

From Good To Bad In One Day

One of the most annoying things about having ALS is its variability. Yesterday, I woke up feeling good. Today, I didn't wake up feeling bad so much as I woke up feeling blah. I felt weak, unable to lift myself, unwilling to go through the efforts required to sit up. I woke up at 9:30 AM, and managed to lay in bed doing nothing but dozing or checking Facebook until 2:30 PM. Then, finally, I got out of bed.

This is not to say that I go ready for my day. I took my medications, for sure. But this morning, I didn't bother to get dressed. I put on clean underwear, a habit which I am unlikely to change any time soon. Beyond that, I did not fight with compression socks. I did not wrestle with blue jeans. I did not haul a shirt over my head. I haven't yet gotten that far.

Of course, without compression socks my feet have turned a brilliant shade of purple. The swelling from edema is well underway. I've had some coffee and a couple of English Muffin sides with egg salad, so you could say I've had some lunch. But I don't feel in the least hungry; eating was automatic, not enjoyable.

I just feel crappy today; tired muscles, tired emotions, tired spirit. How is it that I can go from feeling good yesterday to feeling so crappy today? It's just the way of ALS.

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