Friday, 4 March 2016

Off To Edmonton

My brother Adam is spoiling me this morning. So far he has made coffee for me, made breakfast for me, and agreed to do the driving on our trip to Edmonton. Then, while I sat and gobbled up the Salmon and Hollandaise sauce on toast, Adam cleaned up the kitchen and put away the dishes. I could get used to this.

Our short road trip to Edmonton gives us a chance to spend an evening with our brother Jim. We'll have dinner, and if I know Jim, we will likely go to a karaoke bar afterwards. I can't get into Jim's house at all, so I will stay the night at a nearby hotel, courtesy of my brother Adam. He will stay at Jim's place, just a couple of blocks away. It will be nice for all three of us to get to spend time together.

The drive itself will be an adventure for Adam. He's never made the trek from Calgary to Edmonton. It's not what I would call a tremendously thrilling drive; most of it is across rolling prairie with little in the way of scenery. On the other hand, it is a great way to get a sense of what Alberta looks like, especially as you head further north. It's big country, spread wide and far, covered by farms and ranches. Just what you might expect here.

We'll come back tomorrow after lunch. That will give Adam some more time with Jim in the morning, and will allow me to sleep in a bit while at the hotel. I've been staying up later than usual the last couple of nights, and I've been busy during the days. I need a bit of extra rest, a chance to catch up on some sleep.

I have neither the energy level nor the recovery power that I used to have. When I get tired, I shake more, I eat poorly, and I become lethargic. I can push myself for a few days, but eventually it all catches up with me. I suspect that has just as much to do with aging as it does with ALS. No matter, I'll sleep tonight.

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  1. The problem with the drive to Edmonton from Calgary is that big effing curve at Red Deer. By that time, you've forgotten how to steer!!