Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Energy Transfer

Like most people, I worry about a decent energy transfer program. Only mine is not about fossil fuels. I need an energy transfer program to transfer energy from my good days over to my bad days, days like today when I feel exhausted and shaky.

It is inevitable for me that a good day will be followed by a bad day. Lately I am having longer bad day periods between the good days. It's important to recognize that these are not emotionally or psychologically bad days; they are days where my energy level is low, where I have trouble getting started with my day and even more trouble keeping it going.

The usual pattern is that I have a good energy day, a day where I slept well the night before, a day where I feel physically capable. Then, the next day, as in today, I have a tough time waking up, a tough time getting going, and feel all day as if I could just go back to bed. These low energy days will continue, usually for a couple of days, before I build up the energy once again to have a good day.

I've tried various things to see if I can modify this pattern. I've tried going to bed early on a good day, but I find I cannot sleep and need a Zopiclone, which some days doesn't work at all. I've tried cutting back on energy consuming activities like going to Trivia or shopping. That doesn't do much except cause me to miss out on things important to my life. The energy doesn't carry over.

What I do find is that when my Home Care Aides come and get me up, I can get more done. It seems as if having the option to sleep causes me to sleep more, even though I have plenty of low energy days on HCA days. The ideal combination is like yesterday, where I get a bit of extra sleep, where I have a high energy day, and where the HCA helps kickstart if for me. I look forward to those kinds of days. Those are the days where I get things done.

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