Thursday, 15 December 2016

More Truck Trouble, Again

I have to go out in a few minutes. I am picking up my friend Emma and driving her around so she can do some errands. Emma has a brain injury and, while recovering strongly in so many ways, has trouble with peripheral vision and cannot get a driver's license. I understand her frustration. I am more than just a little happy to be able to help her.

Unfortunately my truck has been problematic these days. The battery keeps dying, even though it is a brand new battery. Unlike me, you can just recharge the truck battery. My battery just keeps on dying and dying and dying, an Energizer bunny in reverse. The trouble all started with the camping trip to Jim's place outside of Edmonton when I inadvertently left the lift seat engaged overnight.

So I have finally decided to bite the bullet and pay the $175 for the analysis of what the heck is causing my truck battery to die. This is not your normal cold weather death; my truck is parked indoors. Nor is it because I don't drive often enough, although that is a factor. In the past I was driving every other day or so. Now getting into and out of the truck is increasingly problematic, so I only drive once or twice a week at best. That means the truck sits for three or four days, sometimes even 10 days without being run.

Even at 10 days, the battery should be okay. Modern vehicles all have computers in them, computers that run all the time. This will wear any uncharged battery down completely over two or three weeks. My run time gap is nothing like that, so the battery should be fine. So something from that fateful weekend at Jim's is broken, something in the truck's electrical system is draining the battery. My greatest fear is that it will be something with my lift system. I sure hope not. That is the only thing that makes the truck useful to me.

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