Thursday, 29 December 2016

Up, And Dressed, And Out Of Bed

I'm up, dressed, and out of bed. For today, this is a major triumph for me, a victory against the evil Axis of losses ALS and this stupifying cold. The weakness I feel today is profound, going beyond anything I can easily describe. It is as if everything within every muscle within me has been slashed in half for some sort of bizarre seasonal sale. Things work, but nothing works well.

Yesterday I wanted to take Katherine out to dinner and a movie. Before I went in hospital she mentioned wanting to see the new Star Wars movie, the Rogue One spin off. I wanted to see it too, so I suggested we go for sushi, and then go to the movie. We left here before 5:00 PM, allowing plenty of time for transfers, for dinner, and then for the movie. The first hint of difficulty arose when we went to get me into the truck.

Usually Katherine gives me a boost. I help out with what muscle strength I have, and between the two of us I end up out of my wheelchair and onto my transfer seat. Yesterday it took three tries just to get one edge of one butt cheek onto the seat. From there I tried to slide, but the pants I was wearing too a glue-like adherence to the seat, their coefficient of friction nearing infinity. Both of us pushed, and pulled, and hauled, eventually moving me into a position where I could get what minimal lift I have left in my arms to move me sideways enough for functionality.

Once we got me into the truck, the rest moved along normally. We went off to our restaurant choice, a sushi grill near the theater we were attending. Getting out was oddly awkward, in part because of the snow, in part because these damned pants wouldn't slide well. It looks like I need a small slider board for the truck now, even when I have help.

We ate dinner and were just finishing up when this massive wave of exhaustion hit me. I was having trouble moving. I was having trouble breathing. I just couldn't seem to build any strength for anything. I already knew that getting into the truck would be trouble. Katherine took one look at me and said "We go home now." There was no argument from me,

We went out to get me in the truck, but the angle of the truck thanks to snow under the front wheels, along with my weakness, meant Katherine could not lift me onto my seat. Fortunately there was a fellow nearby with sufficient strength and height for a full boost, so I did make the lift. All other things went normally, and we went home.

The exhaustion from yesterday follows me today. I found myself barely able to dress. I am supposed to go across the street for new medications but I lack the energy. I also wanted to get Katherine's Christmas gift, something I was unable to do before going into the hospital. That, too, is beyond me.

It seems the additional weakness generated by this cold, along with the normal weakness of ALS, is really putting a stop to my life's activities. I am glad I am up now. What to do, I don't know. But I am up, and dressed, and out of bed. For now.

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