Friday, 16 June 2017

In Halifax

And we're off. David and I left this morning for our road trip to Scotland and Ireland. I managed to get up early, at 7:30 AM. David was knocking on my door at 7:38 AM asking if I was getting up. As is usual, the act of getting up and out of bed took some time, so I was just sitting up in my sling when Micheal arrived at 7:55 AM, to get my up showered, and dressed for the road.

So far things have gone well. The transfers to and from the car were not majorly difficult. The airport transfers have gone smoothly. WestJet has done a good job of communicating things as well as getting the right people in place to assist with the transfers. Not one person, other than the check-in agent, as even begun to ask if I can stand. They all seem to be singing from the same song sheet, an airline rarity.

As I write this post, we are flying over Lake Ontario, having made the first of our stops on this trek. We're headed for Halifax, where the plane will take on more fuel. It is also a security check stop, as we are headed on to the UK from there. So I will have to deplane, even though we are not changing planes.

Our plane change in Toronto was tight, only one hour, not enough time to get dinner and a beer. The same will be true in Halifax. Then, from there, it is only five hours to Glasgow, leaving little time to sleep on the plane. I'm going to try, but I will be avoiding the Zopiclone. If I take one of those with only five hours to sleep, more realistically four, it could really mess me up for tomorrow.

We arrive in Glasgow at 8:05 AM. From there we are planning to look around the city, check out some of the homes where my ancestores lived, then head to Edinburgh. David calls it the Tenement Tour. He's right. We were never a family of wealth; always a working man's family.

Since I am getting off the plane in Halifax, I am hoping to get a burger and a beer there. I will sleep better having eaten, and the beer might help a bit too. It's going to be a rough night tonight and a long day tomorrow.


  1. How do you go to the bathroom on the airplane?

    1. I made full use of the toilet at home before heading out. I'm okay in that regard. I use a catheter while travelling, checking it at every stop or every few hours on the plane.