Thursday, 22 June 2017


It's been another tough day on the road. I didn't sleep at all last night, so I slept as we journeyed today. We started at Culloden, the last Jacobite battlefield on Scottish soil, fought in 1746. This Jacobite rebellion against the English Hanoverian king George II. David was kind enough to wheel me though the interpretation centre, until I started falling asleep in my wheelchair. We took a quick look outside, then headed back to the car.

I fell asleep almost immediately, or as asleep as I could get sitting upright in the car's bucket seats. David drove us down Loch Ness, past the Nessie museum where he stopped, then onwards down the loch to Fort Augustus. We are staying the night in a lovely old Scottish lodge. Right now David is sitting in the great room, by the fire, checking out locations for tomorrow. We are fairly sure we will stay in Glasgow for the next couple of nights, but you never know what David will come up with.

Speaking of coming up with things, we appear to have a solution to my periodic incontinence due to the bladder infection. Diapers. Not Depends, but full blown industrial strength adult diapers like they use in a hospital. These things hold a lot of moisture, are very secure, and I can pull down the front to pee in a jug as needed. They are not perfect, but they are much better than the pinching catheters or trying get to the jug while seated in the bucket seat of the car.

I am largely unable to dress or undress myself, but David does not see, squeamish in the least when it comes to helping. For this I am truly grateful/

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  1. I think you'll like the drive down to G'gow. It meanders past austerely beautiful Glencoe, site of the massacre of theMacDonalds in 1692 (dastardly Campbell's!), past the Green Welly at Tyndrum (tourist stop worth a visit), and on through the harrowingly narrow run along Loch Lomond. Great drive!