Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Troubles Come In Threes

They say trouble comes in threes. Just who is "they" anyways? Regardless, trouble has come in threes for us today. I have managed to develop a bladder infection. It's a nasty one, with blood in my urine and the usual incontinence. It's another day of more towels, cleaning up, wearing a catheter, staying in bed. This happens whenever I fly. The airline seats tend to pinch my bladder and any catheter I might be wearing, causing urine to be retained. The retained urine causes the infection. Trips in my truck can do it, but are not so likely as the truck seat is more amenable to voiding. However seats on an airplane and the bucket seats in the rental car make for a real problem.

Fortunately I have a plan for this kind of situation. I have a single dose antibiotic I carry with me, one designed specifically for bladder infections. It starts working within a couple of hours of taking it, and will continue working for the next few days. I can already feel some relief in that the urgency and incontinence have receded somewhat. However my urine is still a shockingly deep red.

The second trouble comes from David, of all people. He seems to be coming down with a cold, most likely also from the airplane ride. He went off today to get some cold medications; we are hoping that will stay the worst of it. This cold, and having to help me so much, is also making his muscles sore and tired, especially his back. So today I stayed in bed all day. He has had to do very little lifting, giving not just his back but the rest of him a rest.

The third trouble is my laptop. The hinge on the right hand side broke during our travels. The video screen is holding on by one hinge. I hope it holds on until we get home. Once home, I will take it into Best Buy and see if they can repair it. If not, the I will need another laptop.

David and I both came to one conclusion today, a sad one. It's highly unlikely that we will do any more travel. My needs have expanded. He is out of holidays until next year when my needs will be much greater, if I am here at all. It's too hard for David to do all this lifting and pushing. The light weight stuff is fine, but I am heavy and difficult to get into and out of the rented car. Again, my truck is easier. There is the bed transfer, the wheelchair transfer, the commode chair transfer; all of these are increasingly difficult.

Troubles come in threes. Let's hope for a better day tomorrow.

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  1. Here's hoping for a better tomorrow, and the anabiotic's kick in.