Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve

It's almost a normal morning today. There is no rush about the house, no children to pick up, no parties, no shopping. I slept for 13 hours last night and could have done another hour or two, yet still I awoke with little rush. Mom and Ray are comfortable enough now that they can manage themselves. Ray has even found himself sleeping in until 9:00 AM; he usually gets up at around 7:30 AM or so back in BC. I think it's the time change working in my favour.

I don't even feel rushed about the kids coming over. Everything is in its place. The shopping is done. The presents are wrapped except for the one I accidentally tore open last night. After the birthday party for Rose and Charlotte yesterday, before going home, Kate and others helped clean my home while Meaghan, Mary and I went to the mall for a couple of last minute gifts. I returned with the gifts to find the kitchen, living room and hallway all tidy and neat.

That won't last long, of course. Today when my children arrive with their children, the concomitant mess and noise will arrive with them. Their will be dancing and playing, running and shouting, chattering and incessant questions about this and that. They will want snacks and milk and candy. They will inspect presents and want to know if we have them all, or if there are more to come. Plus the little children will be in on the act too!

This busy afternoon will be mostly pass me by. I have learned in the last couple of days that I can focus on one thing and pretty much ignore everything else. Perhaps the only un-ignorable thing is my son-in-law, Albert. He loves to chatter and has that kind of voice that cuts through everything. I suspect this is God's revenge on me for all the times my own voice has drown out all other conversation.

The kids are here for Christmas Eve, sort of. They will stay until about 7:00 PM, like most other days, as they have their own children to put to bed. Some will head to church, others will head to Kate's where they are staying. Then it will get quiet here. Mom, Ray and I will prepare ourselves for the onslaught of Christmas morning, which will happen at about noon here. Tonight will be the calm before the storm.

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