Friday, 26 December 2014


It's nearly 5:00 PM; it's been a very long, very busy day. It started with a phone call from a Home Care worker at 8:20 AM to advise me that she would be filling in for my regular worker today. Then a call from one of my daughters at around 9:15 AM, followed by a text from another at 10:00 AM, another call from a daughter at 11:00 AM, and the arrival of all of them at 11:45 AM. I don't mind all of this, in fact in some ways it is kind of nice, that there are so many of them here all at once.

As I see them all here, I wonder if this will ever happen again, if I will ever see them again here in my home. It's unlikely, given my current situation and their situations. The only way most of them could make it is with air fare supplied. On top of that, next year will be their mother's turn, regardless of my health or situation with ALS. It's also unlikely to happen this summer despite plans for a big 60th birthday party. No, I think this was it. That makes me kind of sad.

I have really enjoyed having my grandchildren here. While I relate to my adult children well, often sharing their humour, I derive a great deal of joy and pleasure watching my grandchildren, interacting with them, knowing that they know me and might just remember me. I have tried very hard to make their visit exciting; I think I was successful. I think my children enjoyed it as well, along with Mom and Ray.

Now things are winding down. Mary, Albert, Rose and Quinn are at the airport, courtesy of a ride from Lewis in his Jeep and Ricky in my truck. There are fewer people here. Those of us remaining are just a tad quieter. The only real intrusion on my thoughts is "Barbie Dream House" on Netflex, on now at the insistence of Charlotte, my four year old granddaughter. If that was not on, it would be "Midsomer Murders", a new addiction on the part of Mom and Ray thanks again to Netflix.

The apartment is still a mess although the mess is lessening. The toilet is still sluggish although not quite a sluggish. The floors are still dirty, although not quite as dirty. Maintaining a clean home gets exponentially more difficult when you have children in it. As the number of children decreases, so does the mess. I must say, however, that given the choice of having my grandchildren or having a tidy house, the grandchildren win hands down. They are truly delightful.

Tomorrow will be a quiet family day for Meaghan, Lewis and Charlotte. We will likely see them for a short while; they plan on having dinner at Kate's place, then leaving early in the morning to drive to the coast, along with Ricky. Then my home will be completely lacking in the sounds of small children. I will complain that it is too quiet, that there is not enough mess, that I miss them. It's funny how it works that way.

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