Sunday, 21 December 2014

Holiday Exhaustion

I am exhausted. It's already been a long and busy day, and the day is not yet over. I was up late last night; not a lot later than usual, but late enough. On top of that I was up early, at least for me, so I could pick up Mary and family at the airport. Then there has been the busy running around that goes with having family around. On top of it all, my toilet is plugged. I started working on it in the morning and it's not as bad as it was, but it's still not flushing properly.

Right now I am ready to sleep, barely holding my eyes open, lids heavy and ready to drop. I'm moving sluggishly, rather like the toilet drain, my energy all flushing from my system. I am sure all of this is related to my peripatetic eating patterns these last few days. After not wanting to eat for about three days, I got hungry at around 11:00 PM last night. Then, this morning, I was once again attacked by a diminished appetite.

I am sure I will survive this very busy Christmas season. What I am not sure of is how my children will deal with my easy exhaustion levels. They are used to having a Dad full of energy, a Dad who could deal with them, their children and all the activity without showing it even a little bit. Now something as simple as going to the mall across the street takes an awful lot of energy, more than is easy to see, and takes an awful lot of work what with the wheelchair and all. I'll survive, but I am pretty sure it will be a different experience for them all.

There is a possibility I might eat tonight. I just had a piece of cheese; my stomach did not completely reject it. The next step will be making something that makes use of the fridge full of leftovers from last night. As is usual, I had a party and ended with more in my fridge than when I started. Thankfully I will have plenty of children around over the next few days to eat them up.

A busy house, a busy season, a busy me. It stacks up. I will survive it. I'm just not so sure how.

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