Wednesday, 13 May 2015

On The Beach

I am finding it hard to develop any enthusiasm for writing today; I'm finding hard to develop any enthusiasm to do anything at all. I'm sitting in my hotel room, on the beach. I haven't even started to get dressed yet. I'm listening to the endless background noise of the persistent, pounding surf, the white foam of the waves forming far offshore, pushing and pulsing inward, relentlessly, endlessly. It's so much easier to sit here, hypnotized by the sound and motion of the surf.

This is a relax day. There is every possibility that I may not leave my room at all today, every possibility that I may spend the day here, order room service, and sit on my balcony. I get to have these days now and again, both on the road and at home. They are essential; recovery days where nothing is asked or needed from me, where there is no plan or destination. I need these kinds of days.

In reality I have no doubt that I will get bored at some point. Sooner or later I will get chilly, or have to go the the bathroom. I can use the shower here; at some point I will want to. Still, it's nice to sit here and think I don't have to do anything if I don't want to do it.

Yesterday was a long day; it started kind of late. I got so frustrated and upset with the conditions at the Motel6 in Tumwater that I left. After complaining to the manager, she refunded my pre-paid stay and I checked out at around 12:30 PM. I went over to Olympia, took a few pictures of the Capitol buildings, and then headed for the ocean. The drive time was supposed to be about 5 hours, or a bit less. I decided to take my time, stop to take pictures, have a nap on the beach, and dawdle just about everywhere along the way. I finally got to my hotel here in Lincoln City at around 8:00 PM.

Yesterday was a long day, a push day, a road day. Today is a relax day. Tomorrow I will explore the area. That is, unless I want another day on the beach.

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  1. Welcome to my stompin' grounds, Richard! Lincoln City is beautiful...relax, relax, and enjoy! (I live about one hour to the east...)