Friday, 27 May 2016

Day 1 Without Katherine

Day 1 without Katherine. I took her to the airport this morning, early, where she boarded a plane to Vancouver. Then, after a three hour layover, she once again boarded a plane, this one headed for Hong Kong. As I write this, she is somewhere over the Pacific, hopefully with a glass of wine and a comfortable seat. She is tiny; almost every seat is a good seat for her.

I will miss her, no doubt. But it is an important thing for her to have this 25 day break, a chance for her to catch up with family, to explore old haunts and take a trip to new places. My only concerns are those of most who know about travel; lost luggage, cash on hand, trouble with customs, airport line ups. She is an experienced traveler, and old hand at international destinations. This should be no problem for her. She is going to have a great time with family and friends.

It will be more of a problem for me. Besides those desires which rest in pure selfishness, there are a great many ways in which she makes my life so much more livable. For the next 24 days, since day 1 is almost over, I will have to live without her. I will have to go shopping on my own. I will have to make meals on my own. I will have to sit at home at night and watch TV all on my own.

We have plans in place for me to have company. I have people coming over tomorrow. I will be busy on Monday. Kate will come over on Wednesday. But without Katherine, a lot of this stuff will seem empty. She really has be come an integral part of my life. On the other hand, I was alive before her, and I will be alive while she is away. I can manage my life.

On the plus side, for a week of her vacation I will be down in Vancouver. We have now made arrangements. Ricky, my son, is flying here for Betty's Run, then driving me down to the coast. I will stay with my Mom and Ray for four or five days. Then my friend Chris Gordon will drive me back. So really the 25 days is more like 18, and one of those is gone already. I'll be fine.

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