Saturday, 7 May 2016

Yuk Yuk's

I'm excited. I'm going to a comedy show at Yuk Yuk's here in Calgary today. One of my friends called and offered me a ticket. The word "yes" fairly lept out of my mouth. I love to get out to this kind of thing, an activity I can't much afford anymore. This is a social activity, a time to enjoy laughter and light heartedness with a group of people I don't see often enough anymore.

There's another reason I am happy to get out. I had a friend over last night for a visit. As she was headed home, I commented on how much I enjoyed her visit, and how it would be my last human interaction until Sunday afternoon. Katherine is busy all weekend, including Sunday evening. My daughter, Katie is coming for dinner on Sunday evening, so she is the first person I would see, unless I managed to get out over the weekend.

I had nothing planned for this weekend. Getting out seems to be more and more difficult, especially since I can't afford to do a lot of stuff. I have to make choices about what I do, not just financially, but in terms of being with someone. In my situation, it is almost imperative that I have someone along with me these days. Since I had nothing planned, my plan was to stay home and do nothing.

I used to be a lot more social. I thought nothing of heading out to a group engagement with people I know. There is something happening almost every other day. The problem is that I feel like I am a burden in so many of these situations, that I will impact the ability of the group to do anything which requires some level of mobility. I can't go for a hike. I can't go play walleyball. I can't go to the zoo. All of these things require endurance and strength. I have neither, so I tend to stay home or do stuff with Katherine where I am sure she can help me.

So today is exciting on a number of fronts. I get to do something social. I get to be with friends I don't see anywhere near often enough. I get to be out of my apartment. I get to laugh. All in all, that sounds like a pretty good afternoon to me.

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  1. I hope that you had a wonderful time. I love your blog, it brings me comfort. My mom was diagnosed with ALS a few weeks ago, she is at her appointment for a second opinion as we speak but honestly I don't think the second opinion will be any different than the first.