Sunday, 16 October 2016

David and Murray

It's late; almost 9:30 PM. I'm home from Saskatoon, safe and sound, truck unloaded. This late post is my own fault. I stayed up late last night, celebrating Murray and Pauline's wedding. I held up well, partying with the youngsters until 1:30 AM. By the time David retrieved me and brought me back to the hotel, it was nearly 2:00 AM. Needless to say, I slept. Until 11:00 AM. By the time I was ready and dressed, it was noon, time to check out and get on the road.

Murray and Pauline's wedding was a terrific affair, the ceremony just the right length, the speeches well read and well delivered, the food tasty and well prepared, and Murray had the wisdom to bring in late night pizza. I ate. I drank. I even danced a bit, moving as best I could in my wheelchair, a pretty young lady flouncing into my lap at the end of each dance. Yes, I had a good time!

It's more than just a good time. I am so honoured to have been invited. Murray and Pauline kept the guest list small, an excellent idea given the cost of even the simplest wedding. Yet within this limited guest list, they found space not only for me, but for David should he wish to attend. David, however, had other ideas. He simply took it easy for the evening, today telling me it was one of the most restful weekends he has had in recent memory.

It was wonderful to see Murray, Abe and Bev Olfert once again. It's been years since I have seen Bev. Abe and I haven't seen one another since I left Carla, he being in Abbotsford and me being here in Calgary. Catching up was the best part of the evening. Pauline was so gracious to me, treating me so well. Murray was attentive, making sure I had all I needed, especially when my wine ran out. Murray and Pauline's friends were very social and good to me as well. I really don't know how it could have gone better.

It was a long drive home today. I have to confess to being a bit proud of myself. I did the driving for the first couple of hours in Friday, and today I drove for about three hours. This is important to me, knowing that I can still do road time, still make a long drive. When I got home I unloaded the truck myself, including hauling out the commode chair and my spare M-rail. I used the commode chair as a dolly, taking all of my gear upstairs on my own.

These two things reflect something very important in my life. I can still have a good time, although I go pay a price the next day or two. But I can do it. And I can still load and unload my truck, even though I have help on a regular basis. This means so much to me, the ability to take care of myself, to do things for myself. It means I am not done yet; I still have a ways to go. I can thank so many people for that, but right now it's David and Murray who I want to thank the most. David, for giving me so much of his time and attention, and Murray for reminding me that I can still enjoy myself. Thank you both.

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