Saturday, 29 October 2016

Interrupted Morning

It was not a stellar beginning to my day. It had the capacity to be one, it started out looking good. Then it went south one me, turning from gold to stone in just a few moments. I get used to this kind of thing, the turning sideways of events, leaving me wet and unhappy, needing a complete change even before I had finished getting dressed.

The morning started out so well. I was able to get into my commode chair, well padded with the new cushion which was delivered yesterday by my ALS Society worker. The chair continues to fit nicely over my bidet toilet, so going to the bathroom worked out well. I managed to get myself nice and clean, brushed my teeth, cleaned my jug, and headed back to my bed to get dressed.

The one thing which didn't happen, which often doesn't happen, was going pee. When I sit on the toilet, the mechanics of urinating mean that the pathway is often bent or blocked. Since I can't adjust my trunk or lower body, I just have to try my best and hope. This morning there was no hope, no response, just an empty jug. I actually have two jugs, the small one I use in the bathroom and the larger one which goes where I go.

With the cushion on my commode chair the grade from chair to bed is almost level. I grabbed a shirt from the laundry to use as a landing pad, along with a smaller shirt to use as a sliding surface on the transfer board. Then I easily made the transfer. I grabbed my clothes from the dresser and to a breather. At that point I noticed a minor discomfort of bladder pressure. Also at that point I realized I had left both my jugs in the bathroom. Any release would have to wait until after I was dressed. I finished putting on my underwear and started with my compression socks.

I had gotten one sock on when my bladder announced that it had no intention of waiting for me to finish dressing. It was ready now. It started without me. Now, transferring to the wheelchair means those muscles which would once retain were not fully free to let go. I transferred, and the floodgates opened. I headed for the bathroom, sitting on a golden pond. I finished what had to be finished, then headed back to the bedroom, towels and washcloths in hand.

After transferring onto my bed, using a large towel as a landing pad, I had to clean myself up. I did so, after stripping off my wet underwear. Then I started all over again, starting to dress for the second time this morning. My day still has potential; it's just the interruption which is really annoying.

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