Monday, 3 October 2016

My Medicated Existence

I'm off to a slow start this morning. I took a Zopiclone last night at around 12:30 AM and it didn't cut in until about 2:30 AM. That's happened a couple of times lately, where I take a sleeping pill yet remain awake for 2 or 3 hours regardless. Then, when I wake up in the morning, 8 to 10 hours later, I am groggy and unable to get myself going.

Once my Home Care Aide managed to get me mobile, showered, and dressed, we tried doing some of my exercises without the cast on. I got about half-way through before it just got to be too much. I wasn't pain that brought me to a halt, at least not sharp pain, it was more a dull ache setting into the bones of my right ankle. I know that I could take a Percocet for that pain. The pain would go away. It would also leave me even sleepier than the Zopiclone from the night before.

Instead, I passed on the opportunity to take medications. I got up. While I am certainly up and awake, I am still really dozy. It is a certainty that I will be taking a nap fairly soon, perhaps as soon as I am done with this post. We'll see. I do have a goal today. I want to empty and organize my pantry. The canned goods get shoved all over and I no longer know for sure if I have the stuff I need for turkey stuffing. I'll be preparing for Thanksgiving starting on Thursday by making pies, then on Friday I will prepare the stuffing for the turkey. Saturday is the big party here.

I don't really need medications to sleep. I need them more to sleep in something resembling a normal pattern. It is so common for me to go to bed and lay there for three or four hours, unable to sleep. When I wake up in the morning, tired and ready for a nap, it seems to be the most I can do just to write a blog post. Then I need a nap. That nap means I will likely have trouble sleeping at night. I will stay up a bit late and take a Zopiclone.

Then is starts all over again. My medicated existence just leaves me tired, sometimes too tired to care. I think I will go have my nap now.

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