Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Foot Care Day

Today is a busy day for my feet, in particular for my left foot. While this morning had its normal routine of shower and compression socks, since then the Wound Care Nurse was here to change the dressing on my left foot, and shortly the Foot Care Nurse. He will trim my toe nails, help attack the toe nail fungus which is now well established on my feet, and take a look at the skin quality on my feet, top and bottom, to see if there is anything we can do to make them less gross.

This means that three different health care professionals will be visiting me today, three different people focused on three different things for my body. The Home Care Aide focuses on my general health and well being, especially helping with my shower and Range of Motion exercises. The Wound Care Nurse is looking after the cuts on my feet from my fall last week. The Foot Care Nurse is looking after the general care of my feet and toenails.

Coordinating all these different care givers can be a challenge. For example, the Wound Nurse has to come after I have had my shower and exercises. There is no point in her coming while I am in the shower or being cared for by the HCA. After my exercises is a good time. Then the Foot Care Nurse has to come as well, except that the wound covering for my feet covers my toenails, so it would be best if the Foot Care Nurse was here at around the same time as the Wound Care Nurse. That doesn't happen, so my left foot is not getting a lot of general attention right now.

The dressing has been put on to leave the toenails free on my larger three toes, but the two small toes are completely covered and inaccessible. That means the Foot Care Nurse will have to either relieve the bandages slightly and put them back when he is done, or he will have to just ignore the smaller toes on my left foot for a few weeks.

All of this for a simple toenail trim and bandages on a cut. It's a complicated business when you get to this stage, where you need multiple specialists to take care of your failing body. I suppose it is better than being in hospital though. At least at home I get my own food, sleep in my own bed, change my own catheter, and don't need 24 hour nursing attention. It saves money for the health care system, and keeps me independent.


  1. Was happy to see this post because of the concern of the shopping trip yesterday. You did go, right?

    1. Yes. I will write about it tomorrow. I was out again today.