Thursday, 12 January 2017

Tired, Replete But Tired

My hands are shaking a bit. So is my whole body. I'm not sure why. I had plenty of rest last night. I've just eaten a pear and some grapes for breakfast, and I am about to have my coffee. I have a hard time explaining this things. Perhaps today I will blame in on exhaustion, even though I slept for 13 hours last night.

The reason I am exhausted is that the last couple of days have been busy ones. On Tuesday, thanks to help from my friend Anne, I went grocery shopping. I got out of my apartment, into my truck, and went to the Co-op. Then Anne visited with me for a while. I got into the Hot Rum Toddy and perhaps stayed up a bit late. So I had a nap yesterday afternoon.

Before that nap, I got into my Power Wheelchair and motored across to Market Mall. My friend Bobbi encouraged me to come out for lunch. She had several things to do, but wanted lunch with me to be one of them. I went, I ate. and then I went to Safeway to pick up a few things which were not available at Co-op. When I got home, the nap hit before I could even put the groceries away. I slept in my power chair for about 2 hours.

After waking up at 7:00 PM, I put the groceries away, after which I went online to spend some time seeing what the rest of my world was up to. I like to read the news online, especially from first line news suppliers like CBC and BBC. Before I knew it, it was 10:00 PM and I was ready for bed again.

It was a good feeling when I went to bed. My fridge is full. My pantry is full. Even my liquor cabinet is full. I have all I need for my guests coming this weekend. I have all I need to feel like I can meet any food or beverage crisis possible. I feel safe, secure, protected in my castle from attack or siege.

Unfortunately the nap caught up with me last night. So I took a Zopiclone. I remember waking up at 3:00 AM to go pee. Then, nothing. Nothing until 2:00 PM today. I woke up, and the first thing I thought was how much I needed to go back to sleep. Those Zopiclones can really work sometimes. Regardless, I got up. But boy am I tired. It's an early night for me tonight.

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  1. Sleep well... you've certainly earned it Richard! May your weekend be filled with happiness!gg