Friday, 27 January 2017

I Forgot!

I can't believe it! I went the whole day today and completely forgot about writing in my blog. It's been that kind of a busy day. It started with Home Care; she came early, I'm glad of that. Then came the AHS Wound Care Nurse to re-bandage my foot. After that my ALS Society Case Worker came to deliver new equipment for me to take on my road trip; we leave in just over a week. Then Anne came with her dog Echo. We went shopping for a whole bunch of stuff.

The biggest acquisition of the day, in terms of both impact and price, were the parts to build a proper booster seat so I can get into my truck on my own. I am raising the seat by a half inch with a new piece of hard foam, along with the existing foam I have already. Plus I am making the booster seat a proper 18" square as opposed to the 18 X 12 which it currently is. This full square will give me better support and lift. I also get a piece of 1/4 inch panel to provide stiffness to all the glued pieces.

Anne and I also went to Costco so I could get some cheese and a couple of new pairs of jeans. I wanted these for when David and I go on the road. I tend to go through a pair of jeans each day. Since we will be gone nearly 21 days, I want to be sure to have enough jeans that I don't have to do laundry every few days. Once a week on the road is plenty.

There were other things on my list, but Kate is here for dinner. We had to get home before she got here. So I still have stuff I want, like some egg poaching cups and a new rolling pin. That means a trip to HomeSense or Home Outfitters. Either way I have something to look forward too.

Tonight we will cut, glue, fit and build my booster seat. I want it ready for tomorrow morning; I'm getting up early to head to Lake Louise for the day. I am beginning to test my road trip gear. Only a week to go.

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