Saturday, 25 February 2017

A Thousand Things To Do

Home. I am up and about, finally. I woke up early enough, just as I have been doing for the last three weeks, at 8:00 AM. Then I wondered about what reasons I had to get up. While there are a thousand big and little things to be done after a long road trip, none of them seemed truly urgent to me this morning, nowhere near as urgent as they did last night when I got home. So I stayed in bed for a while, and a while longer, until finally the threat of noon and bodily functions were enough. These two things are not related. It's just coincidental today.

First of all, there is unpacking. I started this last night, until a couple of people online pointed out to me that I could leave this until today. All I really needed were my pills and my wound dressing kit. After five weeks, I am still changing my bandages every couple of days. This is singly the worst laceration I have ever endured in my life. The amazing thing is that no knives were involved in any way. Sharp is sharp, steel or no.

This morning I will attack the rest of the unpacking, followed immediately by laundry. At least, that's the plan. Let's see how I feel in a couple of hours. Unpacking will take me that long. It's not just dirty laundry. It's putting away the trinkets, large and small, purchased while on the road. I have absolutely no idea where the Texas sized margarita glass will end up, let along the fancy box it came in. There are a dozen fridge magnets, but only one shot glass. There is the scotch. Then there are all kinds of personal care items to delicate to mention here that need to be re-integrated into my supply system.

There's got to be at least three loads of laundry, based on the weight of these suitcases. Then there are the sheets I stripped off of my bed when I left. They need to be bleached again, but I can't bleach them until I get more bleach from the grocery store. So groceries show up in there soon enough.

I had no milk for my coffee this morning. Fortunately I had Bailey's, so I made do. There is no fresh fruit in my fridge, no fresh bell peppers, not even potatoes. I have sliced cheese and meat in my freezer, but no bread for sandwiches, not even frozen. I'm out of salad supplies like lettuce and tomatoes, no cucumbers or spinach either. So shopping is definitely a priority. I might actually get to that today.

Rather than worry about all things that need to be done, I am going to worry about the next thing, just getting unpacked. Then, perhaps, groceries, maybe even while I have a load of laundry or two in the dryer. It will all happen. Fortunately I am at home, so I can take my time. I'm happy to be home; I will miss road tripping until the next one. Then, all over again.