Saturday, 11 February 2017

In The Truck Day

David and I are barreling down the I-10 towards San Antonio; he's driving. The weather is wonderfully warm, a pleasant 81F after a high of 92F. There's nothing but a light skiff of cloud in small patches high in the sky. It is a beautiful day here in central Texas.

It's been mostly a road day today with a couple of interesting stops. This morning we got a couple of Buddy Holly stops in; we were in Lubbock, after all. It's where he was born. Then we were off to Amarillo, a very artsy kind of town. It was a surprise after so much Texas here in Texas. There were some terrific sculptures in the main boulevard as we headed towards the center of town, and a park with several bronze statues of Dr. Seuss characters.

The real find was Fredericksburg. Actually I have been there before, several years ago. I was in Austin for the weekend and rented a car to explore the region. Somehow I ended up in this beautiful Texas town with a lovingly restored main street, except the town is German in origin, as might be guessed by the name. So all the shops sold western gear and Texas trinkets, while all the restaurants sold German food and snacks. It's quite a mix. Plus David got to explore this wonderfully bizarre curio shop filled with odd statues, strange pottery, and every other kind of knick-knack you can imagine.

I've spent most of the day in the truck. I just did not feel up to getting out of the truck. My energy is limited and my stamina passes quickly. Some days I can do it; some days I cannot. Today was one where resting made more sense than burning energy. Tonight we are staying in San Antonio on the famous Riverwalk. Tomorrow, my brother Adam's place for a couple of days. I'll get a much needed rest.

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