Monday, 6 February 2017

Central Colorado

There's an old boating joke about most powerboaters. The reason they never look behind them is that they would be ashamed to see what they have left in their wake. Actually, I'm like that in some ways. I spend enough time looking backwards that I really don't like it, yet I still do it. My one rejection of that backward looking way is my blog. I prefer to write in the mornings, in anticipation of things yet to come, in faith of the day facing, reporting on things past while I have had a night to sleep on them.

Today looks like a wonderful day. There is a clear sky. The cold is lifting; it's already 50F or 10C, your choice. I wonder if I am in the US I should just stick with Imperial measurements rather than offering metric as well. Ah, what the hell. You'll figure it out. The snow is melting already and the roads are wet, although the air is dry enough that most moisture evaporates quickly. The only thing which might possibly impact the day are the high winds buffeting us, and everyone else, as we head on down the highway.

After two late days on the road, although not long, we are looking forward to a short day today. Our intinerary includes as stop for refreshments at an 80's themed bar in Fort Collins, and a stop at the Mork and Mindy House, made famous on their TV show. The 80's seems to be the theme of the day here in central Colorado. Our current working plan, by no means certain, is to stay in or around Denver tonight, a total of 4 hours road time today.

David is really concerned that we make it to my brother Adam's place in Lake Charles by the weekend. He is most concerned that I get to spend time with Adam, and possibly even Jim, my brother who just happens to be visiting there as well this week, while still leaving us an unhurried return trip. We will make it. I am not worried.

Perhaps the nicest part of this trip so far is my return to seeming regularity. I was worried that my prior condition would return; I've brought plenty of preventative medications. So far though, it's been good. I just have to learn to trust my body again.

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