Sunday, 12 February 2017

In Lake Charles

I'm just instructing my sister-in-law on how to make a Lemon Martini. Adam and David are talking about road trips. We have wine, Adam and I, and David has a beer. Adam has just served us this amazing Beef Bourginon. David, Adam, and Lisa are chatting away while I type this very late blog entry. Life is good in Louisiana.

David and I had a good drive today, from San Antonio to Lake Charles. It started with a visit to the Alamo, continued down I-10 to Houston and along the way David found a couple of interesting stops with the kinds of things only he can seem to find. Unfortunately I slept through them. I had managed to drive the first couple of hours but a wave of exhaustion hit me. I had to let David take over. It's not a bad thing, just frustrating.

Being here at Adam's for a couple of days is a good thing. It's gives us both a rest. It gives David a chance to get away from me. It gives me a chance to sleep in and rest. It gives us both a chance to do laundry, shop for a few things, do nothing, whatever. We might even get to doing a photo blog for this trip. I want to do it. It's just difficult. There is only so much I can do these days and two blog posts a day just seems to much.

Mostly I am looking forward to sitting still for a day or two. We are already talking about the drive back, how long it will take, where we will go. Oddly enough, neither of is is completely enamoured of going to New Orleans. It's Mardi Gras season and the city will be insanely crowded. Hotels cost an incredible sum and the streets will be jammed. It would be fun to see if I could walk; being in a wheelchair makes it a lot more difficult.

It's a relax day tomorrow. That will be a good thing. It's time.

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