Sunday, 10 February 2013

Five Things I Love About You

This post is about a woman, a woman who shall remain unnamed, a woman who may or may not exist. Regardless of who it is, I wanted to share the five things I love about this woman. It's also a look at what I love in a life mate, the kind of person who I would look to spend the rest of my life with, no matter how long or how short. Does she exist? Perhaps, perhaps not. But a man can dream, can't he?

I love it when you laugh. Having the ability to laugh is essential, whether you are laughing at something funny or laughing at yourself. You laugh but your humour is never at someone else's expense. You laugh because you realize that seeing the humorous side of life is so much better than seeing everything as serious. Laughter is contagious; your laughter makes me laugh. When you laugh my heart becomes light and my day is better.

I love your compassion. While caring is the physical act, compassion is the emotional act. You see the pain and difficulty that I have with things. You see the trouble others have in their life. And you respond with emotion and compassion. You feel, and you respond to those feelings. You sense things with your spirit and soul and you carry them in your heart. All this you do, and then you do it some more.

I love your way of caring. Caring is the act of kindness, the action part of compassion. When you get me a cup of tea or make me a sandwich, when you help me up the stairs or make sure I have chair when I come in the door; these are the acts that show me you care for me.This physical process of caring, where you help others, is one of your best qualities. You see, I know that while you care for me you are caring for others in your life too. You are a care giver and that is one of the kindest things you do.

I love your enthusiasm for living. So many people go through live filled with anxiousness, forgetting to enjoy the moment. When I see you attack life, when I see you charge into things, grab hold of things, make things happen, when I see you live life with enthusiasm it reminds me to do the same. It reminds me to give myself up into being alive, to stop worrying about the pointless and start living with purpose.

I love that you defend me. I often feel alone, defenseless. There are so many situations where I feel like nobody has my back. I am flying solo. When you take up my cause, when you stand up for me and help me to stand up for myself, I feel empowered. When you help me fight my battles and when you help me understand when to charge, when to retreat and when to stand pat, all of these things make my life better.

I love that you are different. Oops. This is number six. I guess that is just the thing about you. Six is five. You are different. Regular doesn't count. Ordinary doesn't count. Expected is unexpected and unexpected is you. Different is more that one dimension; different is daily, in action. Different is... different.

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