Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I was thinking it might be fun to go to Cuba for a week. With no restrictions on my time and a reasonable income, taking a week to pop off to Cuba at the last minute is certainly not out of the question. The cost of going for a week to Cuba is about $1,000 and I have long wanted to go there. So why not?

One of the advantages of my situation is that silly thoughts like this are not so silly after all. While I don't have unlimited funds, I have some money and can do some travel. There are lots of places to see and lots of things to do, many of which I have not yet done. History and beauty abounds throughout the world and the price of seeing it is not much higher than the price of staying home. The value of seeing it, the value of experiencing more of life while I still can, the value of living, is priceless.

London and Edinburgh appeal to me too. The thought of hopping on a plane and getting off at Heathrow, then spending a week or two just wandering about the UK is more than just a little delightful. The lush green of Devon and the rocky tors of the highlands are all within a short drive, although someone else would have to do the driving these days. Maybe a caravan and camping trip, wandering from John O'Groat to Lands End for a couple of weeks...

Of course most of you already know that I plan on heading back to Italy. The north of Italy, the Po valley, is my "go to" place. Whenever I get stressed and think about travel, that area is the first that springs to my mind, the first day dream. I plan on doing that in the fall if I can still make the trip. There again, I will need someone else with me.

That someone else is the problem. I simply don't want to have to take Ricky everywhere. It's not fair to him in many regards, having to give up hope on any sort of planned existence simply because I want to go somewhere or do something without forethought. It's not fair to me in that he simply does not share my excitement for some of these places; he would often rather just stay home.

No matter what I do, I simply cannot escape the harsh realities of my life. I have limitations; not big ones yet, but limitations nonetheless. I can drive, but only specially equipped vehicles. I can fly without a doubt. In fact I think I am going to ask about "medical attendant" status for whomever travels with me. I think that means that my companion would either fly free or at a greatly reduced ticket price.

But first comes the companion. Cart... horse.


  1. I think it would be a wonderful opportunity for Ricky to see the world... if he wants to. I would love to be your companion, but have obligations.

  2. I would too but have limitations myself so ask Ricky which trip he would like to go on. Cuba sounds good!
    Love my dear