Sunday, 7 April 2013

Dreams and Rambling

Every once in a while I have a dream that is extremely simple to interpret; almost literal. Last night was one of those nights. I dreamed I was involved in some sort of international spy ring. It was dangerous and involved all kinds of odd characters, too strange to go into detail about here.

The main theme, however, was that I was forced to choose between living in one of two places. In one place, I was safe and home. In the other place, I was with a woman I loved, a woman I longed for. My home country was where I was safe; my lover was in the other country. Neither place was bad; one was my home and one was where my lover lived.

Beneath all of this, I had great knowledge about some sort of secret. In the dream at one point it was knowledge about food and health. This knowledge was so powerful and important that I was constantly on the lookout, on guard against being killed because of what I knew. I was constantly aware of the threat of death, and its inevitability. This knowledge permeated the dream.

At the end of the dream, the woman I loved came to visit me. Then she was leaving. She boarded a plane, but as the plane pulled away on the runway, she was still standing there only she had a gun in her hand and it was pointed at me.

Okay you dream analyzers, have at it. You tell me what this all means.

Now, on to reality. Yesterday was not as boring as I feared it might be. As we left El Paso we drove once again across the dusty, dry plains and rock hills of West Texas. As we drove east the land slowly changed, or at least the vegetation changed. We moved away from a surface covered in sage, bunch grass and cactus. Slowly the colours changed. Green crept into the grass. Sage brush turned purple-edged. Small flowers blossomed in yellow and blue beside the highway. The bushes slowly became larger and turned into small trees. The surface moved from dusty grey to light brown and and easy lime green grass, and finally into a lush, low rolling countryside covered in green grass and low trees.

Underneath all of this verdancy there still lies the sandstone rocks of Texas. The surface has changed. Strip that surface away,a thin peel, and you once again find those hard, grey, dusty rocks. San Antonio, with its beautiful RiverWalk, is an oasis, a verdancy slowly climbing out of the dirt and grit. We dined on the RiverWalk and enjoyed the lushness of the surroundings. Today we will explore the Alamo, then it's off to Lake Charles to visit my brother Adam, his wife Lisa and my various nephews and step-nephews.

Oh, and we destroyed another tire yesterday. That's three flats on this trip so far, two of which have resulted in condemned tires. I am pretty sure my tire insurance will cover them. If not I am going to have a conversation with the Ford dealer. Oh well, just another thing in life.


  1. Another flat that is reprehensible on the part of Ford. I am gald you will be after them about this. Made in China I'll bet and they can't take the heat . I am happy you had a good day in San Antonio.

  2. great blog, thanks Richard, totally agree with your attitude :)