Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Hello Anonymous

It's interesting to see the way some of those who read this blog offer questions and comments. Many of you have created Google accounts and thus your comments are quickly and easily identifiable. Others use the Anonymous interface, either because they don't want to identifiable or simply because it's easier. Sometimes people put their names in posts, other times they don't.

I will never admit to being paranoid; I am pretty sure someone is out there looking to get at me in some way. There is a deep, internal conspiratorial view within me that still thinks that somehow this dreaded disease is a result of some chemical exposure or some radioactive thing that the government knows about but won't tell us. So maybe I am a bit paranoid; I just won't admit it.

So back to Anonymous. Some of the comments are very direct questions, almost interrogative. It makes me wonder who is asking and why, especially when the posts are from Anonymous. Why not tell me who you are? As you know, I keep no secrets, hide no facts. I am not afraid to answer; I always answer.

The audience for this blog continues to surprise me. In the last week, aside from the known sources here in Canada and next door in the US, there have been 53 page views from Russia, 32 from the UK, 20 from Germany and numerous one and two page visits from around the world. The search terms have gone from being focused on my name and ALS to including things like "als exhaustion", "als wheelchair", "can't straight leg lift or put socks on als", "als suicide" and, of all things, "dorsiflexion als".

So it looks like there are lots of people with lots of questions and some of them just want to be Anonymous. Well whoever you are, no matter where you are from or what you want to know, I will answer.

Just don't be afraid to tell me who you are, Anonymous.

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