Monday, 22 April 2013


Good Morning. Well, it's morning at a minimum; a cold, clear, sunny morning filled with the delicious and spicy irony that only life can bring, the irony that has a flavour to it, a palpable feel to it. There are two ironies in my life this morning.

The first started last night, actually. Yesterday after having lunch with a group of people I know through an online social group, I came home. It was not unusual. Ricky was firmly ensconced in his room playing an online game called "Defense Of The Ancients", or DOTA for short. DOTA is a multiplayer online battle game in the popular Warcraft series. He plays it a lot, an awful lot.

I found myself alone in my living room, with nothing planned and no requirement to actually do anything. I could have done laundry but I have made a personal commitment to only do laundry on weekdays, ensuring the laundry room is free and open for the working people in our building who only have the opportunity to do laundry on weekends. Every day is a weekend for me now. I could have gone shopping but I didn't want to go alone; not for fear, I just like company.

As I sat in my chair wondering what to do, I decided to see what was on Netflix that I might watch. I found the HBO series "Dexter". something I had gotten into a few years back but stopped watching after a while. On Netflix they have all the episodes, so I started with the season following the one I last saw, and started watching.

I got hooked, so hooked that it became a marathon session. Afternoon wore into evening, evening wore into night. Suddenly I found myself up at 1:45 AM watching TV. And my son came out of his room and asked me to turn off the TV and go to bed. Apparently the noise from the TV was keeping him up. Who would have thought that role reversal could happen? Me? Keeping him up? Him? Telling me to shut things down and go to bed? I'm going to do that again, I think.

The second irony is happening right now. I am up. The sky is clear and bright and the sun is beaming into my living room window. It's cold outside but inside it is tremendously warm with the sun shining right in on me. Now that spring is here my apartment heats up quickly. Yet is is cold enough outside that I want to wear one of my long sleeve hunting shirts for when I go out today.

So here I sit inside, sweating in the morning sun, dressed for the outside temperatures. It's almost short-sleeve season although I know the instant I put on a short sleeve shirt the snow will start falling. After all, it's Calgary. The irony here? I wait and pray for spring to come, for warmth to return, for the sun to bring pleasant days. When it does, I am too hot already.

That's the way irony works. When it gets good, really good, it gets bad.

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