Thursday, 4 April 2013


It's starting out to be a tough day. I woke up after a very difficult night's sleep to the sounds of thumping and trampling on the floor above in the motel. As Ricky says 'What have the got up there, a dance floor?" I didn't get a good night's sleep, nor did Ricky. He is grumpy but then again he starts every day that way. I am grumpy too, something that comes from lack of sleep and general distress over the difficulties of getting a day started with ALS.

We drove from LV to the Grand Canyon yesterday, then onward further east through the desert. Last night we got to Tuba City late, at around 8:00 PM. It was a long, late day. It's tough to get started in the mornings; Ricky usually sleeps until around 10:00 AM, and I usually get up at around 7:30 AM. Most mornings it's okay, since I take that time to get dressed and write. This morning we both got up at around 9:00 AM. Now he's pissed off because I "bugged him to wake up early" and now he "has to sit around and wait". Patience is not his long suit. He gets that from his Dad.

When we got here, late, he was too tired to get all the luggage out of the truck. So this morning I had to dress in my dirty clothing from yesterday. When you are 22 this is apparently no big deal; it's a big deal for me. When I asked about clothing this morning he said "you can just get changed later". What he does not yet understand completely is that a simple task like getting dressed is a major event for me. I simply am not up to doing it twice in one day.

Now, rather than eat the free breakfast at the hotel, he wants to get fast food on the road so we can get going. This hotel offers a full restaurant breakfast. We would have to pay for fast food. It's easy to make that choice when you don't have to worry about money. Regardless of what I am trying to teach myself, I still worry about money. It's ingrained. This makes me grumpy too.

Now he is sitting on his bed, or rather lying on it, typing away on his computer. He is unhappy. Me too. It's going to be a long day. Pray for us.


  1. I do pray for you and RIcky ,every day. But especially today I hope things get better.
    love Mom

  2. Spending time with family is priceless no matter what the situation is. Enjoy.