Monday, 21 December 2015

The Nature Of The Beast

The water has been turned off in my apartment building this morning. There was no warning, so I must conclude it is some sort of emergency. We've had this happen before, where plumbing breaks unexpectedly or someone foolishly leaves a window open during the cold weather. Common sense isn't very common; people do dumb things. It can't be helped.

My problem is that I haven't had a shower since Friday, and I had a very busy weekend. I smell, badly. I am in desperate need of a shower, but could not have one this morning even though my HCA was here and willing to help. I might be able to have one later today. I will ask Katherine to help me.

The other problem is that I couldn't use the toilet, or rather, if I did, I couldn't flush it. At least I think that's the case. It's kind of a Hobson's choice. If there is water in the tank, I cannot tell. I'm not up to lifting the lid off to look. If I flush it to see if there is water, then there will be no water to flush it again. If I use it and there is no water, then I have a smelly toilet until the water comes back on again. I'm just going to wait. I can do that.

Thank goodness, and thank Katherine, that there is water in the water jug, and in the Keurig. I know that the Keurig coffee making systems is not environmentally friendly. There are a lot of those plastic pods going into the landfill. The machines themselves cannot be recycled, and they are designed to last only a couple of years. Mine is starting to leak now and again.

The thing is that the Keurig system allows me to make a cup of coffee for myself. I doubt that I could do that consistently with my other methods, the French Press or the Espresso machine. I make espresso every once in a while, but it takes a tremendous effort. Grinding the coffee, working the steamer and the espresso, cleaning everything up afterwards; that's just too much effort for my morning coffee. The French Press is slightly easier, but it still involves grinding the coffee, using the kettle on the stove, and actually pressing the coffee. These are no longer easy tasks for me.

My life is filled with these kinds of choices, choices between what I would like to do and what I have to do to keep going. Convenience has become necessity. I am consistently compelled to choose the path of least effort, regardless of other outcomes. It is the nature of the beast.

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