Friday, 8 April 2016

A Day In Vancouver

This morning was tough, a difficult time getting out of bed, a difficult time getting onto the toilet, a difficult time while there, a difficult time getting back onto the bed, a difficult time getting dressed, a difficult time getting back into my wheelchair. Without help from Katherine, it would have been all but impossible. But here I am, mission complete, up and dressed. I am not sure that it was all worth it. Still, I'm ready to face the day.

We're in Vancouver. The plan for today was a visit from my daughter, Mary, and my grandchildren, Rose and Quinn. Unfortunately her morning was likely worse than mine; she is sick, and has two small children to care for. The life of a young Mom is anything but easy. So our day has been postponed; it will happen another time.

This leaves me without a plan, or with a ghost of a plan. I would like to take Katherine to the Granville Island Market today, to sit by the water and enjoy a cappucino, to browse the stalls, perhaps to pick up some bread or snacks. I would love to take her out to Horseshoe Bay and show her where I kept my boat in years gone by, perhaps to show her the boat itself if it is still there. I want to ask her what she would like to do; there are so many things to see in this jewel by the sea.

Of course dinner tonight is bespoke. Mom, Ray, Katherine and I will head to White Spot. It's a requirement for me when I come to BC. It's one of my favourite places for a burger and fries. Oh, and gravy too. Plus a milkshake. Nothing beats a White Spot shake. All in all, it's a sad thing that Mary can't make it, but we can still have a full and fun day.

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