Sunday, 24 April 2016

A Wee Giftie

I didn't want to get up this morning. As I've said before, waking up is hard to do. But I did. I have company coming for dinner, and you can't make dinner for six if you stay in bed. I don't feel like getting dressed this morning, but I will. After all, receiving guests in your underwear only works if you are under the age of 8.

There are some things I want from Safeway, across the street. That means I will have to transfer to my PWC and head out into the fresh air. I don't want to go through the effort of making the transfer, but if I want the things I want to serve for dinner, I need to go and get them. I can't have my guests thinking I don't care; I do.

Dinner will have to be prepared. I will make myself do this, even though it would be easier to sit on my couch, drink wine, and watch TV. I doesn't seem right to invite people over so they can do all the work. I am a proper host, even though it takes a real effort on my part. I want to do this right.

You see, the simple act of coming over for dinner can give me a lot to do in my day, give me a lot of reasons to do those things which I would likely not do if you weren't coming to see me. When you come to visit, it's great to bring me a "wee giftie", in the old Scottish way. It's the way I was raised. On the other hand, it's also wonderful if you come and enjoy your time with me, perhaps helping with the last minute preparations, and certainly with the clean up afterwards. No need to bring dinner with you.

If you wonder what you can do to help me, or other PALS, spending time with us is the most important thing. One day I won't be able to make dinner; then you can bring it with you. One day I won't be able to go grocery shopping; you can help with that. One day I won't be able to get dressed; please forgive me, but you may have to avert your gaze or help me adjust a piece of clothing. One day, I won't be able to get out of bed; please just come and sit with me.

But never forget, Scotch is always an excellent "wee giftie".

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