Sunday, 3 April 2016

Taking Time

I've had a terrific weekend so far. My friend Chris has been visiting from Vancouver. He was on his way to Toronto for business this week. Typically flights from Vancouver to Toronto stop in Calgary; it's a hub for most of western Canada, for both WestJet and Air Canada, our two major domestic air carriers. So rather than book a ticket on a non-stop, Chris booked a ticket with a plane change in Calgary, making the plane change a three day affair.

Chris got here on Friday evening. After the requisite stop to pick up some scotch, we spent Friday night talking late into the night. Oh, and having a bit of scotch too. Yesterday Chris helped with racking wine. Dion was over too, helping as well. Saturday night was a bit more sedate, with Chris heading to bed well before me. He had to get up this morning to catch a cab. Both he and my brother Adam have been kind enough to let me sleep in the mornings rather than asking me to take them to the airport.

I love it when friends and family come to visit, to stay with me for a few days. These extended times together allow for deeper, wider ranging discussions. It's not all about ALS. It's about our lives, our families, our work. Sometimes it's even about not talking at all, just taking an evening to hang out together and watch something on TV. Given the nature of my life and activity level, these times together are tremendously rewarding.

Chris left this morning at 8:45 AM. I know this because I had asked him to wake me up to say good-bye. After a few words, he left and I went back to sleep. That's the other thing about these longer visits. The constraints of time and timing are less impactful. It's more relaxed. There's more time to just be there. I'm glad he took that time. I appreciate it.

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  1. It was fun critiquing that particularly bad Tating Channum movie. (Is that redundant?)