Thursday, 16 June 2016

Helpful Grandchildren

I am really only good for a day, and a short one at that. Yesterday, after running around, rolling around, and driving around with my daughter and grandchildren yesterday, I need a day of rest today. Fortunately I am getting the best of both worlds; Mary is still here with her brood and Meaghan will be here in a while with Charlotte and Orson. I get to be a Grandpa while taking it easy.

Still, I am paying for it. My arms hurt, especially my wrists and lower arms. My upper arms don't help a lot these days, nor my shoulders. I can lift, but not much. Rolling along in my wheelchair is now primarily a function of lower arm strength. Mary helped with the transfers yesterday but still, they take a bit out of me. By our last stop, I decided to stay in the car and wait. Since the kids were sleeping, I decided to join them, napping while parked.

Both Quinn and Rose are happy, healthy, helpful children. Both of them wanted to help push me in my wheelchair, Rose almost constantly behind me, pushing, making sure I was okay. This morning she was helping me make the transfer off of the bed and onto the wheelchair after I was dressed. About halfway through she decided this might be a bit too much for her, so she ran and got Momma to come and help. Quinn stood by and watched with a very serious look of concern.

Mary is terrific with me too, constantly offering to help if I need it, not at all squeamish about the biological issues I face. I am certain that's where her kids get it from. They see their Momma helping and they figure that's just what people are supposed to do, help one another. I am proud of them, and proud of her too. And I told her so.

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