Monday, 13 June 2016

Ricky Drives, I Write

We are on the road to Vancouver. We've been on the road for about five hours now, but I have been asleep for most of that time. Ricky is driving. He is a good driver, not so fast as to make me uncomfortable, fast enough to make good time. My level of comfort could probably be best assessed by the fact that I have slept almost the whole time.

I did not sleep well last night. The excitment of Sunday, with Betty's Walk and then having company over, along with the anxious anticipation of the drive today, left me not wanting to sleep. I left my packing until late; not really an issue for me since I can pack in about five minutes. Still, there I was still folding laundry well past midnight. I knew, however, that I would sleep on the road, so I did not worry, at least about that.

We are into the afternoon stretch, making our way between Sicamous and Salmon Arm. Ricky has the music up loud and his window open. As he says, "I got a pocket full of cash and a drawer full of cash. I'm happy." I'm in a pretty good mood too, well rested, enjoying his music, feeling particularly free with the ability to write while he drives.

I am enjoying this time, where I can be a passenger, voluntarily. Unfortunately it reminds me that soon I will have no choice. I will, at that future time, be compelled to be a passenger in almost all things. Still, today letting him do the work of driving is good for me. It let's me enjoy the road more, at least when I am not asleep.

The weather at this time of year, across BC, has more twists and turns than the road itself. From pouring rain on the edge of snow in the high passes to summertime warmth, we have had it all. Right now the sky is grey and the air is cool. Yet I know there is sunshine ahead. That's what keeps me moving forward, that promise of sunshine.

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