Thursday, 23 June 2016

Katherine's Home

Katherine's home. Of course I likely won't see her today. At least I am not expecting to see her today. After 24 hours in transit from Hong Kong to Vancouver to Calgary, after almost a month away from home, she needs a day or two to settle in, to adjust to the jet lag, to do laundry, to unpack, to deal with the thousand little things that accumulate while you are on vacation.

For me, even having her close by is a blessing. She is only a few minutes away if I need help with a transfer board or something. She is only a few minutes away if I need a hug, or comforting. More importantly, she is only a few minutes away if she needs me from anything, although she does much better than I these days. Still, it's good to know she is here, nearby.

I did okay while she was gone. I had plenty of company, so the only times I got lonely were at night, home alone, thinking of her on the other side of the planet. I had lots of people come by for dinner, so I ate very few meals alone, and if I was alone, I likely didn't eat all that much. I do better when Katherine is here; it's more fun to cook and more fun to share the meal. I loved all those who were here, but I suspect they will understand completely when I say that I missed Katherine's meals with me. And they were there when I called for help, something I truly appreciate.

There were plenty of other things I missed, but most of all it was just having Katherine near me. I missed her hugs. I missed her making breakfast for me, and sitting with me, talking with me, sharing with me. I missed driving places with her, seeing the miles go by and hearing her voice beside me. I missed her walking into my apartment and telling me to "get up!" I missed her sitting next to me, watching a movie, she drifting off to sleep, me nestled into the corner of my couch with her head on my lap.

It's a good day today, made better now that she is home. I can wait until she has done what she needs to do. I know I will see her soon.

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  1. Yay! You did spectacular while she was on vacation. You didn't show it, but I'm sure you had some unspectacular days and determined to get through them.