Saturday, 18 June 2016

I Love My Children

To those of you who read this blog, and happen to see my kids, be sure to tell them how terrific I think they are, how much I love them, and how proud I am of them. I try to tell them this myself, but I don't do it enough. I need to know for sure that they understand how precious they are to me, how special they are as individuals, and what terrific people I think they are.

My Dad did not say these kinds of things to me. He would tell others how proud he was of his children. He would brag to his friends about us, telling of our exploits and adventures with pride of his own. He would tell each of us about the other, telling me how terrific Adam was, or Peter was, or Jim or Matthew, all the while telling me where I had failed, what I was doing wrong, diminishing my accomplishments. I am grateful that I am not that way.

Mary is a wonderful person, helpful and kind, considerate of others. So is Meaghan. So is Kate. So is Ricky. Each of them seems to have become these really good people, the kind I would like to have around me. Each of them cares about others, and each of them is willing to turn that caring into action.

Meaghan and Mary are both wonderful Mom's, the kind of Mom that makes me think their children are going to do well in life. They encourage their children, letting them explore the world they live in, trying varied outlets for their creativity and intelligence. They are gentle with their children at the same time as they create strong boundaries and firm guidelines for life. They are imbuing their children with the kinds of values that make life worth living. Yet that is not their sole value; they are so much more than Mom's and wives. They are terrific people.

Kate and Rick are both strongly independent, wanting to set their own path for their future. At the same time each of them is willing to have, and looking for, that right person to share their life with. It is not that they have to have a partner. It's that they love life enough to want to share it with someone. I believe they are the kinds of people other people value as friends, and as partners. And they are just plain fun to be around, just like Mary and Meg.

All of them are strong individuals in their own right. They don't need someone else to make them into who they are; they are whole and complete just they way they are now. They have well formed ideas and opinions, different from each other yet all firm in their own belief. And where they fail themselves, they are not afraid to look and see. They know they have flaws, but it does not stop them from moving forward. They are brave.

I am proud of my children. I am proud of what they are, and the many things they can become should they decide. I love that they care; it shows in how they care for me. I admire their values and their willingness to question both themselves and others as they work their way through life. They are capable, robust, reliable, steady adults. That is, perhaps, the best thing of all.

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