Sunday, 21 August 2016

Living Normally

There is a lot of "normal stuff" in my life, stuff that has nothing to do with ALS. It's the kind of day to day normalcy that most of us take for granted. I don't. I don't take it for granted. Even the normal stuff is exciting to me, most often because it's something I can still do, or something that makes me feel like my life is normal.

Today, for example, is "cleaning out the fridge" day. I'm not going to wipe it or wash it out. Today I am going to take all of my leftovers and convert them into a really terrific meal. I plan on taking the leftover pork roast and serving it as an open faced sandwich with gravy. I plan on taking the mushrooms I forgot to eat the other day and putting them on the sandwich too. Then there is the chorizo sausage; I can't eat it, it's too spicy for me these days. But I can serve it to my guests for dinner tonight. I am sure they will love it, just as they will love the Jambalaya that Adam made for me when he was here. It's out of the freezer and I've added a bit of rice, some of that chorizo that I won't eat, and some Cajun spice mix to stretch it all a bit.

There are a few meatballs left, with some beans, and I am saving those for myself, just in case the pork roast doesn't go far enough for everyone. I am fine with a few meatballs, some Jambalaya, and some gravy. I'm using up an opened package of frozen mixed vegetables to top it all off, or I might use the cucumber and tomato in the fridge to make a bit of a salad.

I'm pretty sure there will be plenty to go round, perhaps even leaving me a bit for tomorrow so I can eat before I go to Trivia. Regardless, all of this is so normal, so regular. It has nothing to do with ALS. It has everything to do with living, living normally. That's why I like it. That's why it is interesting.


  1. I enjoy clean the fridge day too, for just that reason. It's something I can still do, and I love making interesting things from the leftovers. Your leftover plans sound grand!

  2. Ordinary events make for an extraordinary experience. Living in the moment is the answer.