Thursday, 4 August 2016

Solo Truck Repairs

I am going solo today, taking my truck in to have the sound system and hands free system analysed, in order to determine what repairs are needed. From that point I will have to make a decision, as this could get very expensive in an awful hurry. Katherine will not be with me today, so I will have to get in and out of the truck on my own. This could be exciting.

This whole problem, the issue of the failed radio and SYNC systems, is due to ALS. All you have to do is follow the trail of why things happened. The radio was damaged when the battery failed on the truck. The process of complete failure, or the process of jump starting the truck; one of these things caused the damage. This is not a fault of anyone. It is a fault of having ALS.

The battery died because I had the lift seat half way up in position. If I didn't have ALS, I would not have that lift seat. It's really that simple. You might think that there are plenty of other ways this happened, and there are plenty of other reasons for the lift seat, and it didn't really need to be half way up. It doesn't really matter about all the rest of the stuff. I have the lift seat because my legs don't work. My legs don't work because of ALS.

What's more, the lift seat was up because my arms are no longer strong enough to push myself around on the rough ground at my brother's property. I needed the power chair. The power chair's base is higher than the manual chair; it sits about half way up the lift seat track. So in order to get from my truck, I needed the lift seat about half way up.

It is possible that I might have been able to check this problem when I transferred, or put the seat in the lower position regardless. But why do I even have the damned thing. I only need the lift seat because my legs don't work. And my legs don't work because of ALS.

In the end, this is just another cost of living with this damnable disease. It's another thing I cannot afford, another thing I have to deal with, another problem in a life with plenty of things that are problematic. So today, without help from Katherine, I will have to figure out how to get in my truck, figure out what to do with myself while I wait for the repairs, figure out how to get back into my truck afterwards, and just figure out how to live in general. I really hate this disease.

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