Thursday, 15 September 2016

More Bathroom Fun

I know Mom and Ray's bathroom would be difficult. It's been difficult before. I'm not getting better, so the transfer would be worse, except we didn't even get that far. When we put the new arms on my wheelchair, the ones that broke about two days after I got them and are now held together by duct tape until the vendor replaces them, we had to put spacers on my wheelchair axle in order to allow for the 1/4" additional width of the clamps for the arm rests. That made my wheelchair a 1/2" wider. Now it won't even fit through the door.

I had planned for bathroom difficulties. My first fallback is my commode chair, which we have not brought up from the truck yet. We'll try to see if it will fit into the bathroom. Alternatively, if it doesn't, I can call the ALS Society of BC to see if they have the potty attachment; you know, the one I forgot at home. Although when I mentioned it to Ray he asked, since I can't get into the bathroom who was going to empty it. My silence was deafening, to which he replied "Oh yeah, look at the ceiling why don't ya."

Regardless, those are my first two options. If neither of those works, I will ask ALSBC if there is a facility nearby where I can use the washroom and perhaps get some help redressing myself. I suspect they will recommend the local emergency ward, and I can do that if I have to. Another option is to ask the ALS Society of BC if they can recommend someone to do home care here for the week. It will be costly, but it will work.

No matter what, I will find a way to make things work. That's who I am. That's what I do. I'm they guy who fixes things. Sometimes fixing involves duct tape, sometimes it involves potty chairs, sometimes it involves paying the price of my desire to see my parents.

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  1. I'm sorry Richard. I hope you can get someone in to help you soon. Your love for your family is amazing! You are incredible. I hope you can really enjoy the rest of your stay. Take