Friday, 23 January 2015

I Am Blank

I am blank. It's been one of those days where nothing has happened, except the need for sleep and the long day in bed. Kate is over; I finally got out of bed when she rang to get in the front door. I am making a simple meal of pork chops in mushroom gravy with rice on the side, plus a few tomato slices to add some colour to the plate. We will eat in a minute or two, once the rice is done.

As I sit here typing in my blog, Kate is texting away on her new phone. She is excited by the ability to text quickly, to respond to a message in near real time. Apparently her old phone was very slow with this function. It's good to have her just sit here, humming a melody, sharing her thoughts with friends, chatting away with me about her side of the conversation. This is one of the good things about being a parent, when you can be with someone you know so intensively and intently, someone whom you held at birth and how share gentle time and space with.

I am not sure how my evening will go. There are no plans, no goals for the day. Perhaps I might do laundry. Perhaps I might go to a movie. It doesn't really matter. It's that quiet kind of day, that kind of day with nothing in it. Even home care failed to come today to do home making, although a care aide did come to stretch me. The home maker will come tomorrow to clean.

The easy quietude is so kind to my spirit. This lack of scheduled intensity, the absence of plan, makes it easier to live an easy life, the kind I need. Stress is a killer and I don't want to die. So a blank slate today is good for me.


  1. Peace is indeed an easy time.
    love Mom

  2. Im glad you can find caring, comfort, and contentment spending time with your Kate.