Friday, 25 November 2016

I'm Sick. Not ALS Sick.

I'm sick. No, not the ALS kind of sick. I seem to have some sort of lower intestinal bug, something causing gurgling and liquifaction deep in the pit of my gut. This, whatever it is, slammed me hard in the small hours of Thursday morning, resulting in a complete  change of linens and a complete shower when I finally made it out of bed in the morning. Yesterday I seemed fine, at least until bed time. Then the bug came back.

I took a couple of Imodium along with as sleeping pill. Plus I made a late night trip to the toilet just in case; the rumbling seemed truly sincere. By the time I was done with the toilet, the sleeping pill cut in. I can't remember anything past 11:30 PM. I saved the anguish for when I awoke this morning.

My day started with a non-productive trip to the toilet, a shower where I felt tremendously weak, and a seeming inability to make the transfer back to my bed. My HCA even had to help me dress. My head was spinning, the inside drumming as if my brain was bouncing. I was shaking, far more than my normal shaking, and my inability to use almost any muscle I had was profound.

I took a couple of Tylenol Extra Strength. At least that has taken care of my headache. But I cancelled on my exercises. Just as my HCA was putting me back to bed, Katherine arrived; she was to go shopping with me for a few bits and pieces, and then help me with some baking. So far she has spent the last few hours looking after me, making sure I was okay.

She thinks this is not a bug, but a reaction to my "cleaning weekend". I've asked my friends to come over this weekend, as they can, to help do a deep cleaning of my apartment, the kinds I can no longer do. A number have signed up, but I have to confess I high level of stress over who will be here to help. Then there was the cleaning supplies, fluids, mops, washcloths, rubber gloves, all acquired of the last couple of weeks. I want to be sure I have everything anyone could ask for.

Finally there is the food. I believe you should never ask anyone to help you unless you are prepared to feed them. They are giving their time to me. It's the least I can do to give them a meal in return. So for the last few days I have been fussing over what to cook, when to cook it, what to do about snacks, what to do about this or that or then next thing.

Perhaps Katherine is right. Perhaps I am making myself sick with the stress. Or perhaps some nasty little critter has take up residence in my tummy. Either way I was sick this morning. Add that to my normal ALS nonsense and it's not fun. I'm feeling a bit better now, but I am worried about tonight, and the way my tummy feels right now. This could be exciting.

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