Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Winter Is Coming

My goodness the weather here in Calgary is miserable today. You would think we were in Vancouver with the drizzle creeping into everything and a temperature just slightly above freezing. All we need is that bitter wind which blows off the winter sea to make it truly unlike Calgary. It's supposed to be snow, but we are a couple of degrees too high. Just a few miles west, closer to the mountains, snow fell in abundance. Here, rain.

Weather affects my moods. One of the great things about Calgary is the number of clear and sunny days we get here, all year round. It is the sunniest city in Canada, by any measure. It has more sunny days and more hours of sun versus any other city in the country. Yet a day like today, rare as they are, impacts me directly, dragging down my mood and attitude.

I look out the window at a grey, sullen sky. I see the trees drooping with moisture, droplets dripping from needles or the last desperate leaves still clinging to branches. The roads and sidewalks are soaked, passing traffic squishing and splashing along its way. The rain, too heavy to be a mist and too light to be true falling rain, sort of settles its way onto everything.

Fortunately this will pass. Already the roads are drying, both from the traffic moving over them, and the air above them, despite a relative humidity of nearly 100%. That's high, reflecting the rain and residual moisture in the air, moisture which will bring us fog as night settles in. Dampness, clinging cold, misery.

Things look better for tomorrow. The sun will peek through the clouds. The rain will pass, or perhaps change over to snow. It will be cold, but it should be. It's late November in Calgary. Winter is coming.

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