Monday, 7 November 2016


I tried cutting my toenails this morning; it was your basic shit show. First of all, I had a heck of a time lifting my foot up onto my knee so I could see my toes. That's also when I got to see just how purple my feet can get; deep, deep purple. I managed to cut half the toenail on my right big toe when I lost my grip on my foot and it slipped off my leg, banging its way down to the floor.

Fortunately my Home Care Aide was there to help. She is not permitted to actually clip my toenails. It is considered a medical treatment, requiring a Podiatric Nurse. To have the home care company deliver that care it would cost $50 a visit along with an initial assessment for $60. These costs are not covered by my medical insurance. AISH will cover $45 a month, but first I have to get a referral from my GP to a Podiatrist, then a letter from the Podiatrist saying my feet need this medical care. Hoop after hoop; I am tired of hoops.

So my HCA lifted my foot back up for me, at which point I tipped over backwards, my balance not sufficient to hold the nail clippers in one hand and grip my foot in the other hand. At that point my HCA took pity on me and helped with the general process, notwithstanding the regulations. I tried; I was not completely successful.

It's these little kinds of things which can be most frustrating; not being able to cut my toenails, not being able to generate a decent sneeze, not being able to lift my leg up and hold it on my knee. My toenails ended up trimmed this morning, a team effort. Still, what happens next time? Sooner or later this will be completely beyond me. At that point I will just have to jump through the hoops for what will then be truly necessary health care on my feet. Or I could just have them amputated. It's not like they are doing anything for me.


  1. This might be a dumb question, but can you go to a nail salon for a pedicure? Or is that too much of an infection risk?

  2. Cripes, I can come over and work a set of nail clippers for you. Or if your podiatric needs are more heavy-duty than mine, I'm handy with belt sanders and Dremels >:)

    1. Funny, the Home Care Nurse suggested that they might have to use a dremel type tool to remove the scaled skin from the bottom and sides of my feet.