Sunday, 6 November 2016

Starving On Wine

Yesterday my only meal was breakfast, the one that Tonny and Elizabeth made for me. Today my only meal will be dinner; I'm doing Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding. The only thing of real note with this is that I am not eating much else along the way. No lunch or dinner yesterday, no breakfast or lunch today. In fact my current total dietary intake today is a cup of coffee.

I'm not hungry, not at all. In fact I am having trouble compelling myself to get dinner started. The thought of food is only marginally appealing to me. I'm down to what I call "compulsive eating", where I eat small snacks or bits of food, not because I am hungry but because I feel like I really should eat something, just not a real meal.

You would think with this odd diet of hunger and then not hunger, snack and meal, that I would lose some weight. My calorie intake is certainly not all that high, until you start counting the wine I drink on a near daily basis. The problem with wine calories is that there is no real nutritional value in them. There may be calories in wine, but you can starve to death if that's all you take in.

I'm not losing weight, at least not off my belly. I am losing it elsewhere, in my arms and legs mostly, but the fat around my waistline stays with me, the least healthy place for it to be. Even my ass has lost most of its fat, or rather most of its muscle. It's just my belly that's fat, like the Michelin Tire Man, rounder and rounder as you approach my centre. I look like a limp Buddha. It's not a pretty site in the mirror.

Oh well, at least I will get some protein today, just as I did yesterday. For the moment, I have some grapes beside me to go with my coffee. I'll eat some cole slaw with dinner. I'll be okay.

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