Saturday, 25 March 2017

Getting Out, Two Days Running

I want to get out today, out to do something interesting and different. Normally I would look to any number of friends for help with this. Short notice makes this a challenge today. The odd thing is that there are at least two different things I am interested in doing. One is going to "Pizza In A Ghost Town", out at Rowley, a ghost town about two hours away. The other is going to Rock-A-Palooza, a local gem and mineral show, in the exhibition hall, down at the Spruce Meadows Horse Center.

I've been to Rowley before. It was great fun last time and I expect it could be the same today. I would be attending with the same folks as last time, although this time I do not have a designated driver along with me. My beer consumption would be dramatically reduced. Still, the setting is fun and the pizza is great.

Rock-A-Palooza is a new thing for me. I just want to see what kinds of rocks and minerals are there. I suspect they are selling lots of rocks of all types. I might even want one or two, for my bookshelf. The advantage of Rock-A-Palooza is that I can get there by C-Train and bus, using my power wheelchair instead of my manual chair. It also means I can go solo, not needing a companion.

There is little doubt that I will meet people I know while I am there. It's bound to happen. I could also stop off on the way home for sushi with any number of people I know who live in the south part of the city. There's bound to be someone, even on short notice.

What's really cool about all of this is that I am going to get out today, or at least I want to get out today. I got out yesterday too, heading about 2 KM to the Co-op grocery store to pick up a few things. This would make it two days in a row where I am escaping my apartment. This is a good thing.

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