Friday, 17 March 2017

What Remains, Remains

I've got a busy day today, along with having fallen behind on the tasks from the last few days. There is laundry to be folded and put away. Both laundry baskets are full, one with folded clean laundry and the other with unfolded clean laundry. New laundry is piling up on the floor where the laundry baskets should be. My kitchen is sort of semi-tidy but the sink is full of dishes soaking after having been used in yesterday's lasagna making exercise. There are empty wine bottles on the table that need to be rinsed along with a dozen or so on the counter which need to be re-rinsed and put away.

I am finding it more and more difficult to even accomplish the one thing per day which is my usual goal. I am to the point where one basket of laundry is enough for a day. If there are two, one of them has to wait for another day. The same with folding; if I do laundry today, folding will have to wait until tomorrow, until I recover my energy. Wine bottles now sit on the counter for weeks at a time, waiting for my energy and enthusiasm to rise to a point where I can actually work with them.

There are all kinds of tasks like this. I have a wine kit in the spare room which I have been meaning to start for the last couple of weeks. The energy to attack this task is plain and simply lacking. I have paperwork to attend to, bills to pay, online tasks to complete with my email change. None of these is getting done in a hurry, except with some of the bills. They get paid. Others, not so much.

Then there are the real jobs, the stuff where I not only need help, but need multiple people to help. I want to raise one of my bathroom shelves and put a third shelf in there. I've wanted that to happen for a year or so now. In fact I still have the board from when I did the renovations, always planning at some point to add shelf number three. Yet there it is, still sitting behind the couch, the new shelf un-made, the existing shelf un-raised. It's just too much to handle.

Today I have to take my truck in to get the wheelchair lift and seat lift repaired. That means being at the repair shop by around 1:00 PM. In the wait time, I was thinking I could do some shopping at the wine store. Anne suggested we go see a movie. Right now all I can think of is taking a nap somewhere while they work on the truck. Either way, that task will fill my afternoon. I'll come home, make dinner, rest, and suddenly my day will be over, me having accomplished none of my backlogged assignments.

I wish I had more energy to do these things, or perhaps more enthusiasm for the tasks themselves. I need to put that laundry away, or perhaps I don't. Those towels won't fold themselves, but perhaps a Home Care Aide will do it for me. The bottles won't rinse themselves; maybe someone will come and clean them for me, putting them away too. In the meantime, I will do what I can. What remains undone simply remains. That's the way it is these days.

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