Friday, 21 April 2017


I am compelled to make a choice today. Do I encourage Anne to get behind the wheel of our rented car and head off exploring Playa Del Carmen, maybe even the ruins at Tulum? Do I sit by the beach, watching the endless waves wash gently against the sand, the sound of the surf a distant swish, the sun warming and humid? It's a tough choice; someone has to make a decision.

The beach is winning right now. I'm sitting inside a shaded cabana, a patio just off of the main bar, beside the sand. There is the gentlest of breezes. The bar is playing some sort of Mexican pop music, maintaining the sound of Mexico while playing to the beat of manufactured music. It's easy to sit here, to watch the hours wend their way, like the sea, relentless and continuing.

Yesterday, especially last night, was tough. I had an emergency toilet requirement, coupled with a bout of incontinence that washed its way through every pair of underwear I have with me. I will have to wash some tonight. I washed my bathing suit and shorts yesterday.

My fear is that my bladder infection has once again returned. Fortunately, these days I travel with a course of antibiotics in my medications. I took the first last night. I will continue on with them for the next 11 days. By the time I am through the medications I will be back in Calgary, going to the bladder clinic, seeing the doctor. I have to find out what is causing this consistent, persistent problem. There has to be a way to make it better, to live without the constant wetness, the catheters, the Depends.

For now, however, I will sit at the beach. It has won, at least for now.

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